Metro Exodus Full Pc Game + Crack Cpy CODEX Torrent Free Download 2022

Metro Exodus Full Pc Game + Crack Cpy CODEX Torrent Free Download

Metro Exodus Crack

Metro Exodus Crack Full Crack, is an epic story-based first-person shooter from 4A Games that combines deadly combat, stealth with exploration, and survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever. Explore Russian nature through vast, non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn into the depths of nuclear winter.

Metro Exodus Crack:

Metro Exodus Full Pc Game + Crack Cpy CODEX Torrent Free 2022 Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter with elements of survival and stealth. The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic deserts on the territory of the former Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The player must face new dangers and fight mutant creatures as well as hostile people. [2] [3] The player has an arsenal of homemade weapons that can be customized using the materials collected and the crafting system. [3] The game combines linear levels and a sandbox. [4] It also includes a dynamic weather system, day and night cycles, and environments that change with the seasons as the story unfolds. It is installed within a year of play.

Metro Exodus Crack Cpy:

Metro Exodus takes place in 2022, a year after the events of Metro: Last Light, on a post-apocalyptic Earth, devastated by nuclear war. [3] The game continues the story of Metro: Last Light which ends “Atonement”. As in the previous two episodes, the player takes on the role of Atrium, who leaves the Moscow subway and travels to the continents with his allies in the Far East with a locomotive called Aurora. The action takes place throughout the year, starting with a harsh nuclear winter in the subway. Another important character who returned from the previous game and the book “Metro 2035” is Anna, who is now Atrium’s wife. [4] Miller, Anna’s father and leader of the Spartan Order, also returns from previous games and novels.

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After the attack on D6, Atrium becomes disappointed with the constant fighting and corruption in the Metro and leaves the Spartan Order. He soon becomes obsessed with proving the existence of other survivors outside of Moscow and embarks on numerous dangerous expeditions to the surface, to Anna’s despair and Miller’s disappointment. However, on one of these expeditions with Anna, they witness a work train running on the surface. Before they can follow him, they are captured by Hans soldiers along with a group of people who claim to have come from outside Moscow. Hans’s soldiers execute the rest of the captives, and Atrium is shot and left to die, taking Anna to their base.

Metro Exodus Crack


  • Embark on an incredible journey – get on the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and
  • join a handful
  • of survivors in search of a new life in the East.
  • Experience survival with the sand – a captivating story that combines the classic Metro game with
  • new huge
  • non-linear levels.
  • A beautiful, hostile world – dis
  • cover the post-apocalyptic Russian desert, full of life with amazing day/night
  • changes and dynamic weather. Deadly Combat and Theft – Collect trash and craft in the field to
  • customize your arsenal of improvised weapon
  • and fight human and mutant opponents in thrilling tactical combat
  • Your choice determines the fate of your comrades – not all your comrades will survive along the
  • way; your
  • decisions count in a captivating story that offers a massive rendering
  • The atmosphere and maximum immersion – a flickering candle in the dark; a ragging sigh when
  • your gas mask
  • freezes; The scream of a mutant in the night wind – Metro will sink you and scare you like no other
  • game …

System Requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and an operating system.
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 Video card: GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon HD 787
  • DirectX: Version 1
  • Disk space: 59 GB of free space
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card How to install Metro Exodus Two Colonels DLC controls

How To Install?

  • “Two Colonels” DLC, but don’t worry, we’ll help you here. Of course, for some users, this is the
  • first time they
  • have purchased or wanted to install a game extension obtained from the Epic Games store. The
  • extension
  • cannot be installed automatically, so you must restart Epic Client first if it is still running
  • Of course, you need to go to the game store page, we recommend that the easiest way to do this
  • is to use the
  • Metro Exodus button located in the game library, then scroll through the menu until you find the
  • Gold Edition
  • Expansion Pass and The Two Buttons Colonel. But if you already have the one you bought, they
  • are most likely
  • marked as yours, the extension is included there. If so, click on the property, and then you should
  • start
  • installing the game, this also includes installing The Two Colonels


Metro Exodus, quarter of a century after nuclear war destroyed the Earth, a few thousand survivors still cling to existence in the ruins of Moscow, in the subway tunnels. They battled poisoned elements, fought mutant beasts and supernatural horrors, and suffered from the flames of civil war. But now, as Atrium, you must flee the metro and lead a squad of Spartan Rangers on an amazing journey across the continent through post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life in the East.

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