EventSentry 4.1.1 With Serial Keys Full Version Free Download

EventSentry 4.1.1 With Serial Keys Full Version Free Download

EventSentry 4.1.1 Key can automatically extract IP addresses from any event and supplement IP addresses with reverse lookup and IP geolocation data. Providing geographic location and hostnames in the email makes the ability to use recipient email alerts much more useful without requiring the recipient to perform manual searches. EventSentry can now monitor any UPS connected to a server/workstation discovered by Windows. The inverter status will display on the host’s inventory page, and alerts will be generated when the host is on battery and again on utility power. EventSentry can also cause a shutdown when the remaining independence or charge level drops below a certain threshold.

EventSentry 4.1.1 With Serial Keys Full Version Free Download

EventSentry 4.1.1 With Serial Keys Full Version Free Download


EventSentry 4.1.1 can easily search for historical data, access inventory, and notifications of old events on your workstation or from your mobile phone. Finding the port often with a key to which a server, workstation, or network device is attached is often a long and tedious process for most system administrators. Starting with version EventSentry 4.1.1 Crack attempts to alleviate this pain by showing exactly which key – and which port – the host is communicating with exactly. All you have to do is add the switch to the EventSentry configuration. The fully revised network dashboard now supports several custom dashboards. Automatically share and duplicate your dashboard. Also, a new TV mode has added to improve the display on desktop TVs. Discover problems at a glance with our improved overview pages. With new customizable dashboards, you can leave the page open and make sure you always see the latest information. Scheduled reports are invaluable, especially for comparing changes over time. But I’m more interesting than the included ADMonitor viewer, which lets you see changes to AD in real-time. You can filter the results by series or choose from the search query template (see image below). You can also select a time interval, the action (create, modify, and delete), the names and categories of objects, and the user who acted. If you have a multi-domain forest, you can specify the domain for a specific area.

EventSentry 4.1.1 Download

  • EventSentry 4.1.1 Keygen can configure real-time email alerts based on specific search criteria to report particular changes (changes to the Domain Adminators group, create new administrators, etc.) instantly. In my years as an IT consultant and working with many different AD deployments, I have never seen such a handy and powerful tool. I know many other tools do similar things, but this is just a great SIEM accessory. When it comes to monitoring AD changes, this tool is excellent. You can also save a list of resulting changes in a CSV or HTML file with excellent control over the file’s contents. The app helps you monitor your computer and its network connection by viewing event logs and reports or by sending them to your email address. Event logs can filter by their properties, such as the source, category, identifier, or message, which creates a solid foundation for numerical comparisons or textual interpretations. Records can also be viewed on mobile devices using the EventSentry web reporting system. Being a system or network administrator can be tedious at times, but EventSentry helps you ensure that the computers you monitor are carefully scanned and working correctly.


  • Unique Glass Panel: EventSentry bypasses events and log files – monitors multiple aspects of Windows to give you a complete picture – not just a few pieces of the puzzle. Disk space, performance, inventory, and other monitoring features included.
  • Real-time event log monitoring:┬áThe data is encrypted and compressed; the collected metrics are stored temporarily and retransmitted during a temporary network outage.
  • Descriptive email alert: EventSentry email alerts provide an additional step to make troubleshooting faster and more efficient by delivering another context. Appendices give the status of a monitored host, security codes explained automatically, and performance alerts include built-in visual graphics. The IP addresses contained in the emails supplemented with reverse DNS lookup and geolocation data.
  • Real-time event log monitoring: Windows security events are known to be difficult to decrypt and link, and EventSentry converts first security events into meaningful, readable reports instantly. Whoever runs any application, when it is connected, from any workstation and any files modified by it are just a few questions that you can answer with EventSentry.

What’s new?

  • Show object changes to attribute level
  • Identify inactive accounts, suspended accounts, and passwords
  • Look for a detailed log of Group Policy changes
  • Look for values before and after the adjustment occurs

EventSentry 4.1.1 With Serial Keys Full Version Free Download

Product Keys:

  • U34JR-HWE7S-RK8UF-M734W-E858R
  • 8437X-8WJ48-RIFK5-3MCEW-CRXO9
  • 3X478-WJR48-IF543-REWTX-R9OF4

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