Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Product Code Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Product Code Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 uses a low to moderate amount of system resources, includes a well-written help file, and has not been frozen or broken during our tests. In general, Directory Opus includes simple but powerful options for the file manager and is easy to use even by inexperienced people. We strongly recommend this tool. The default directory layout is very similar to the Navigator. Still, with a significant difference – it displays two folders in separate tree parts (although you can switch to the more traditional flat view of a single folder). It makes transferring files much easier because you can instantly drag and drop files into other folders without having to open and close new windows.

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Product Code Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Product Code Full Version Free Download

Directory Opus 12.20.2 can connect to a network drive, run a command prompt, open a new menu, edit metadata, define labels, enter file descriptions, and create and organize favorites and notepad list. Directory Opus 12.20.2  Crack, an application used worldwide to manage file directories, replace Fies with Explorer with functions, check OS hard drives, check ROM performance, replace Navigator, etc. An exciting program with all the primary needs of directories and use of a file manager object. You are addressing, connecting to FTP, creating archives and extracting content from zip files, viewing FTP records, as well as saving and restoring your Opus directory key. Also, you can fully configure program preferences for setting file display, file operations, folder tabs, folder tree, internet, program operation, layout, styles, photo sharing, toolbars, viewer, ZIP, other archives, and more. So you can cut and copy (for example, file names, full path names, URLs, and MD5 checksums), paste files, change display mode, calculate folder size, and specify files (for example, the same extensions, from source to destination). Duplicate Remover File Search File Manager Explorer Repeater Manager Rename. A powerful file manager that can replace Windows Explorer offers more functionality and a two-part interface that you can work.

Directory Opus 12.20.2 Download

  • Directory Opus 12.20.2 Keygen is the most straightforward file, a software application that provides file listings and allows the consumer to perform actions of any kind on these files. File managers are useful for moving data between folders, creating backups of files, viewing pictures and playing sounds, running other utility programs on file lists, deleting unwanted files, and several other “internal management” tasks. Directory Opus 12.20.2 key skips the data, which is a simple metaphor. It will offer you a complete alternative to Windows Explorer and many other utility programs for managing FTP and ZIP, viewing files and images, playing slide shows, and more. At the same time, it provides you with a user-friendly, fully configurable environment that you can access and manage your valuable data with minimal work. Use the power loaded to your computer like never before! It is a versatile system that provides much more energy and functionality than any other file management program—the application designed to be as effective as possible. Download the full Opus Voucher Code guide which is a free version here for Windows (32 – 64 bit). The opus guide is very different. At the basic level, it will replace Explorer. It allows you to open Opus quickly and easily and is a new window, for example by double-clicking on the desktop anywhere or by right-clicking on the mouse menu to open the window. You get one part, double windows, and of course, multiple windows. The Opus key is flexibility regarding the user interface.


  • Simple, easy, and fast.
  • The keyboard macros are easy to use
  • Improved performance by waiting for multiple file copies.
  • Modern, efficient, and multi-wire design.
  • Includes a tabbed interface
  • Includes colors, toolbars, fonts, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Open multiple folders easily and switch between them quickly.
  • Sync and duplicate file find tools.
  • Provides the latest support for 4K screens
  • Available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

What’s new:

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when updating the screen that opens the New Tabs folder, or in some cases renaming files.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen with a specific command sequence on a key. (For example, CreateFolder, then open the folder in dual screen.)
  • The filter bar now automatically disables matching that is part of a group of matching file types. For example, grp: Archives will not match example.jpg, which is.rar even if partial matching is enabled.
  • Some license accounts solved the minor issue in the license manager.

Directory Opus 12.20.2 With Product Code Full Version Free Download


  • It is easy to transfer files and folders quickly
  • It contains dozens of stylish tools for performing daily file operations
  • Very customizable interface


  • It can be a little confusing at first

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows
Hard disk space: 120 MB

Product Keys:


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